Megaton Musashi Switch

Megaton Musashi (pre-owned) Switch

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Original Titel: メガトン級ムサシ -Switch

Publisher: Level 5

Katalog No.: HAC-P-AUDXA

Genre: Action RPG

Release: 11. Nov 21



An Earth stolen by aliens.

In a very ordinary town, there were people who lived a calm and fulfilled life. But they didn't know it was a false peace. The truth to which they were unaware... Earth is already been destroyed...

99.9% of mankind perished by the attack of mysterious alien forces from scape. The enemy was called "Dracters."
Eventually, a large hole was formed in the Earth and terraforming the planet into a suitable for aliens to live. Mankind had no choice but to escape and hide in the shelter. While they do not know when the day will come, they await their comeback...

Residents of Shelter Ixia were erased from the memories of the day of destruction and lived a normal life without knowing anything. However, some of them are the "Chosen Ones" who became a pilot and operate a giant robot called "Rogues" to fight against the aliens. And today, a new pilot will be chosen once again...
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